Frequently asked questions

How can I get free shipping?

Buying three or more bags will give you free shipping! See for yourself!

Is this stuff Gluten and Grain-Free?

If buzzwords are your thing: gluten-free, grain-free and zero preservatives.

Is meat the main ingredient?

Our Chicken Jerky contains nothing but trimmed chicken breast. Our Pork Loin Jerky contains nothing but trimmed pork loin. Our Sirloin Steak Jerky contains nothing but trimmed beef sirloin. This is getting repetitive, I'm sure you can see the pattern.

Are there any retail stores carrying Stone Jerky?

Not yet. BUT, we are working on getting into stores in California and eventually migrating across the country.

What is the shelf life?

This shouldn't be a problem for you. We give our product a 6 month expiration date. Remember, it has no preservatives. The bigger question is: why are you hanging on to it for so long? Did you misplace your dog?

What makes your product better than the others?

Before you consider anything else, the simple fact that we make the product ourselves. Whatever the current brand is that you feed your dogs, read the back. Where does it say it's made, who is it made by, and what is it made of? Something to think about, right? Then, the whole no preservatives and one ingredient thing that we are rocking. It's tough to beat.