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March 19th 2020

Hey, it's Lucas.

So, Coronavirus happened. What does this mean for Stone Jerky? 

You know how you tried to buy toilet paper, but found it entirely sold out? The same has happened for our base ingredients. If you didn't know, all of our products come from food meant for human consumption. This explains our prices and the 4 oz bag you receive (Not mass-produced in China). Due to the massive surge in demand for food, the available public supply of chicken breast, sirloin tip and pork loin (plus many other groceries) is limited. 

In this time of need, we can't stomach the idea of taking quality food from a family, just to turn it into a dog treat. 

This means our inventory is limited to what we currently have and will not be restocked until stores go back to normal. Chicken Breast and Pork Loin Jerky is available! Don't forget about your dog in this stressful time, Stone Jerky is guaranteed to make your dog happy. Orders should largely be unaffected by the situation except for possible slower shipping times. 

Supplies are extremely limited, get yours before it's gone.

For questions about your order or anything else, DM us on Instagram: @Petconfections

or send me an email at:

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